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Y2K Statement

With all the hype recently about Y2K, we here at GraphCalc would like to calm any fears you might have about our software. Although we cannot guarantee that the power will not go out, or that the world will not end, we give you our confidence that GraphCalc will function properly in the next millenium.

Just in case you aren't aware, here's a quickie about Y2K issues. Back in the stone age of computing, programmers used only two digits to record dates, so 1973 was represented as 73. But, what would the representation for 2000 be? It's 00. Unfortunately, to many computers, this means 1900.

So if the power company's computer is told that you started paying for your electricity in 1982, and suddenly the year is thought to be 1900, the computer won't allow you to get electricity for the next 82 years.

For software to have Y2K issues, it must use the date for something. GraphCalc does not do any date calculations (although that might be a nice feature), and therefore has


   -GraphCalc Programmers