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GraphCalc Version History

Version History

4.0.1 Released November 24rd, 2003

  • Fixed standard deviation computation error (Bug #846577)
  • Fixed settings saving error with number of decimal points (Bug #842701)

0.0.1 for Linux Released November 12, 2003

  • Initial Release

4.0 Released November 3rd, 2003

  • Fixed mode error which truncated output (Bug #831166)

4.0 beta Released October 8th, 2003

  • Fixed ncr / npr mathematics
  • Removed extraneous catalog items

4.0 alpha 1 Released Novemeber 19th, 2001

  • Infobar and Toolbar
  • 2D Parametric Graphing
  • N-Slider for 2D graphing
  • Improved Find Area function
  • CTRL-Left Click + Drag on 2D Graphs
  • New User Interface for creating animations

3.1, Released December 9th, 2000

  • Improved 3D graphing with wires
  • Table of values for 2D graphs
  • Eliminated the flashing effect when resizing the window
  • An ANS button that allows you to insert your previous answers into the expression box
  • Scripting
    • option to turn the progress dialog off
    • when the progress dialog is off you can press escape to cancel execution of the script
    • looping capabilities via a While command
    • conditional statements with If and ElseIf

3.0, Released October 20th, 2000

  • Script Library
  • More commands for displaying and entering information while running a script
  • Improved performance in 3D graphing
  • Auto-rotating feature for 3D graphs
  • You can now use (yn) as part of another equation in your graph, where n is the number of the equation
  • Hex palette for easy access to hex digits
  • New 2D Graphing features...
    • Option to change the size of the font in 2D graphing
    • You can now change the font of the detailed output and base
    • Find the intersection of 2 equations
    • Find the axis intercepts of an equation
    • Find local extrema on an equation
  • Font settings are now saved in the settings file
  • Save the output window to a rich text formatted file
  • Equation Solver

2.11, Released May 5th, 2000

  • Fixed bug with 3D options box giving multiple error warnings

2.1, Released April 30th, 2000

  • Fixed bug with 2D graph options crashing
  • Improved scrolling in output window
  • Fixed output window selection problem

2.0, Released April 26th, 2000

  • Polar graphing
  • 3D graphing
  • Scripting Capabilities (See Command List, Sample Scripts)
  • Export 3D functions to a DXF file
  • Saving all graph tabs in the settings file
  • Saving graphs as a bitmap file
  • Option to plot 2D graphs as lines or a series of dots
  • Save the output window and expression history on exit

Version 1.5 (Released February 2nd, 2000)

  • Printing of the graph window
  • Printing of the output area
  • Improved calculating engine, up to 5x faster!
  • Statistics functions
  • Fibonacci function

Version 1.21 (Released October 1st, 1999)

  • More options for output format
  • The variables pi and e are predefined
  • Always on top option
  • Better menu organization
  • Many bug fixes

Version 1.2 (Released September 30th, 1999)

  • More options for output format
  • The variables pi and e are predefined
  • Always on top option
  • Better menu organization
  • Many bug fixes

Version 1.15 (Released September 5th, 1999)

  • Fixed some bugs with trig functions outputting the wrong answer. (example: cos(0) = 0, that is incorrect, version 1.15 has corrected this problem)
  • The option to use a '.' or ',' as your decimal separator
  • Improved precision with output (example: binary answers can be outputted with 52 digits of precision)

Version 1.1 (Released August 27th, 1999)

  • Many many bug fixes throughout the program
  • The ability to save your settings in a file and load settings from a file.
  • Shortcut keys for many of the operations in GraphCalc.
  • The option of a standard output or a long output.
  • MORE graphing features and improved old ones
    • evaluate dialog box to evaluate an equation at any given point
    • ability to draw a tangent line at any point on any equation
    • find the distance between any two points on any two equations
    • the cursor position will be displayed on the graph
    • the speed of tracing has been greatly increased
    • copy graph to clipboard so you can paste it in another graphics program or in an other application, such as MS Word
    • change the color of any of the graphing elements

Version 1.0 (Released July 20th, 1999)

  • you can enter an equation to graph in the expression box. it will automatically be entered in the graph options and will draw the graph for you
  • many improvements in tracing, all bug fixes and error checking
  • we now have a standard edit menu
  • a catalog of all operators from the help menu
  • user entered constants will available in the constants menu (CONS button)
  • base conversions are now available from the base button
  • added the following operators: !, ncr, npr, irand, frand, round, upart, ipart, integer, floor, ceiling, absolute, maximum, minimum, %, mod, lcm, gcd
  • you can now rename the graph tabs
  • added ToolTips to the buttons
  • you can now find the area between two equations
  • added a previous range option to the zoom menu

Version ALPHA

  • double click in graph centers on the spot you clicked
  • formula box is now a drop-down combo box containg a history of all formulas entered
  • added an option in the clear menu to clear the formula history combo box


  • added support for bases from 2 to 36
  • major bug fixes in the tranlator
  • added support for user entered variables
  • auto-panning when tracing
  • auto-convert to scientific notation when answer is too large or small
  • fixed GDI problems with tracing
  • many other small bugs have been fixed as well
  • help files


  • added dy/dx into tracing
  • fixed "trace" menu item


  • number of combinations
  • number of permutations
  • factorial
  • logical operators: == >= > <= < !=
  • dynamic constant menu update
    • menus can now have a sub menu structure of an infinite depth
    • new data file format


  • can have up to 10 different graph tabs
  • tracing a graph works now
  • fixed a bug in the conversion strings


  • dynamic constant and conversion menus
    • data is read in from files: constants.dat and units.dat