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Tips & Tricks

Submit New Tip/Trick

Do you have a tip/trick that you would like to share with other GraphCalc users? If so, fill out our Tip/Trick submition form and we will include it on this web site.

2D Graphing

Save more equations for easy access later

If you want to save more equations for easy access later, but you don't want them included in ALL the program settings file, create a script that sets the equations you want when run. Even have the script create a new graph tab then load the equations you want.

This can also be applied to any of the other graph settings or program settings!

3D Graphing

Graph a 2D graph in 3D

There is a neat little trick to graphing a normal 2 dimensional graph in the 3D area so that you can rotate around it. Just enter your equation in terms of x in one of the 3d equations and set the y range to be something very small, like -0.01 to 0.01. Voila! You are flying in and out of your 2D graph.


Add noise to graph

If you want to add some noise to your equation, try the following:

equation + frand(0:0.5)

adjust the range of values in frand to create a different range or magnitude of noise for your equation.


Want to create an animation of your graph?

Write a script that changes your equation or viewing parameters slightly -> saves a bitmap, and then repeats the process.

In no time at all you can have 100 bitmaps saved that you can then load into your favorite program to create an mpeg, animated gif, or any other video format to view your animation

Graph an equation only over a given interval

Want to graph one equation from a to b, and the a different equation from b to c? Or just limit an equation to the range from a to b?

Try the following:

(x^2)*(x < a) + (sin x)*(a <= x)*(x <= b) + (tan x)*(c < x)

this will be draw as 1 equation but as follows:

x^2 will be draw when x < a

sin x when a <= x <= b

tan x when c < x

replace a,b, and c with the values you want.