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GraphCalc Support

In order to solve your problem as quickly as possible please follow the steps below:

  1. The help files included with GraphCalc are very extensive in describing its many features and how to use them. Please refer to them and if you are still unsuccessful in solving your problem please move on to step 2.

  2. Visit our currently known issues page for the latest bugs, workarounds, and FAQs. This is the first stop for new bugs and issues, so please check this page thoroughly before moving on.

  3. Online Documentation. This contains all the same documents that are included in the help files when you download GraphCalc. Updates to the documentation will be posted here, so please check for an update to your problem.

  4. If you need to contact GraphCalc about a bug, please visit our Bug Submition Form page.

  5. Is there a feature you would like to see in GraphCalc that is not currently implemented? Fill out this quick form describing the feature and we will do our best to incorporate it in the next version of GraphCalc. Add my feature!

  6. Please visit our Contact - Support page for information on emailing GraphCalc for support.