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Script Library Introduction

The script library is a new feature in GraphCalc that makes it easy to organize and access scripts.

A new "scripts" directory in the directory where you have installed GraphCalc is where you can now store and organize your scripts. When you load GraphCalc, it searches for scripts in the script directory and catalogs all the found scripts under the Tools.Script Library menu. Now you can easily access all your scripts right from within GraphCalc!

We are also developing an online script library where you can download new scripts and also submit scripts to make available to other GraphCalc users.

You can create subfolders (and subfolders of subfolders) within the scripts folder to organize your scripts. This structure is preserved in the Script Library menu.

When the scripts are loaded, the first line is searched for a commented line (eg "#My script title") or comment command (eg "[Comment=My Script Title]"). This comment will be use as the text in teh Script Library menu.

The script library, in combination with a few new commands we have implemented, makes it easy to write a script for almost any equation or set of calculations that you have to use over and over again. We have included new commands to display and retrieve information via a message box while the script is running.

Here is an example of a script that prompts for information and displays information in a dialog.

#Volume of Cylinder
[DispVal=volume:The volume of the cylinder is]

If you included this script in the "scripts" directory, you could easily access it by going to Tools.Script Library.Volume of Cylinder