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Known Issues

This page contains a list of all the currently known issues with GraphCalc. Please review these issues before contacting GraphCalc with your problem

"Program crashes when I try to go to the 2D graph options"

This problem is a result of faulty printer drivers distributed by some printer manufacturers. This problem has been resolved in version 2.1 or newer. Download Page

Error: Missing OpenGL32.dll

If you are using Windows 95 version A you may need to download the required OpenGL dll's. Click here to download the OpenGL dll installer.

Error: "GRPHCALC has provoked an error of page not valid in the form COMCTL32.DLL in 0137: bff01557" or any other error involving COMCTL32.DLL

You need the latest version of comctl32.dll. You can download the 500KB update from our site: Download "comctl32.dll"

Error: "you need a newer version of HHCTRL.OCX to be able to read this file" when trying to view help files

You may get this error if you do not have the latest HTML help viewer from Microsoft. Please download the latest HTML help viewer form Microsoft. It is about a 450KB download, so it should only take a few minutes to download. Download HTML Help Viewer