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Download GraphCalc

Download Windows Version - Download Sites courtesy of

Regular Users (exe)

- GraphCalc.exe -856KB (version 4.0.1, Released November 24, 2003)

Advanced Users (zip)

- - 518KB (version 4.0.1, Released November 24, 2003)

Download Linux Version - More thanks to Sourceforge for this

GraphCalc Version 0.0.1 for Linux

- graphcalc-0.0.1.tar.bz2 - 53KB

Download Windows Source Code - Amen for Sourceforge

Source Code for 4.0 (zip)

- - 2.2MB

Download and Installation Instructions

Download time approximately 4 minutes on 28.8Kb connection

***Note: If you select "Run from current location", IE may prompt you with a security warning that tells you not to trust the file. You may safely ignore this by selecting "Yes".

Advanced users who are comfortable with unzipping zip files, creating shortcuts for programs in the start menu, and removing a program when you no longer want it may opt to download the smaller zip file, rather than the installation program.

  1. Remember where you saved GraphCalc.exe when downloading it
  2. Go to the directory you saved GraphCalc.exe in and run the executable
  3. The program will guide you through the installation of GraphCalc
  4. Once setup is complete you can run GraphCalc by
    1. clicking on the "Start" button
    2. then click on "Programs"
    3. and finally click on "GraphCalc"