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User Comments

Gakushuu Hasegawa
Myrtle Beach, SC

I have tried using graphing programs from other companies, but your program was the most easiest and fully-featured! Just look at the GUI on this thing! It's so simple to use yet it still has enough functions to calculate anything (I love the dual function buttons!).

John Rothlisberger
Willington, New Zealand

Great program! Looks really cool, and I have always looked for a calculator that doesn't seek to imitate physical calculators, but rather allows me to enter full expressions.

Scott Baker
Miwuakit, OR

GraphCalc is the COOLEST program. I love it, it's great! Man ask and ye shall receive! You guys kick ass, I suggest one thing and now it works :) I love it, GraphCalc it's the best!

Sanjoy Upadhyay
Department of Electrical Engineering
University Of Saskatchewan, Canada

AWESOME - that's what I have to say. I was sick and tired of fishing out my TI - 85 every time I needed to do anything.

Justin Neumann
United Technologies Corporation, International Fuel Cells, South Windsor, CT

I was showing a bunch of the engineers here at International Fuel Cells, where I work, how cool your program is.

Sven Bring

Just installed GraphCalc. I just wanted to say thank you and that it looks absolutely fantastic to me!

Evan Heidtmanns

I have been using GraphCalc version 1.5 to help with my 9th level homework, and I find it quite useful.

Nitzan Miron

Thank you for your amazing program!

Martin Peters

I love and admire the program, especially that you managed to cram so much into something that takes barely longer than the Windows Calculator to load.

Soren Sorensen

As a start I must say that GraphCalc looks really good, and the idea with the constants.dat and units.dat files are super.

Tom Speziale
Idaho Falls, ID

Keep up the good work - this is turning into a neat little program!

Jürgen Werdehausen

This program is just GREAT!!! I love it!