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About the Authors

Mike Arrison

Mike graduated from Bucknell University in May 2000, with a double major in Computer Science and Music. He plans to keep music on the sidelines as a fun and relaxing hobby while pursuing a career in computer and web programming. Mike interned with during the summer of 1999 and started work there upon graduation.

Mike designed the majority of the graphics for GraphCalc and its web page. He also derived the majority of the math required for GraphCalc.

Update: Mike has ditched the wonderful world of computers to join the ranks of the few, the proud, the public school teachers.

Brendan Fields

Brendan graduated Bucknell in May 2000 as well. He graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science in Engineering with high marks. After graduation Brendan moved to Seattle, WA.

Brendan is the lead developer and resident MFC expert for GraphCalc. He designs most of the user interface and general features of the program. As you can see, when Brendan isn't programming he spends most of his time outdoors. He also interned for 2 summers with IBM as a Lotus Notes Application Developer.

Bucknell University
Rated 4th Best Engineering College in the Country